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Rebels Darryl and Alex took on Phil and Mike’s Imperials.  An early attack near Coruscant from a neutral planet really surprised the Imperials causing Chaos.  A surprise space attack from Ozell caught the rebel fleet and took it out recapturing the planet too but Ozell went all out and lost his Star Destroyer as a result.

The Imperials built up some strong fleets and soon had a rough idea where the Rebels weren’t on the western map but struggled to gain ground, hold planets against rebellions and win ground battles. Consequently they lacked ground troops.  Their dice rolls in combat consisted mainly of blanks (see image).

Imperials once again captured and then carbonited the Rebel Admiral (see image) until he was rescued by Jedi Luke much later (forgetting that they could have captured Luke with Vader’s Special as a result).  The Death Star stumbled on the rebel base at Kessel and then blew up Nal Hutta but lacked ground forces and was out of supply.

Finally the Imperials narrowed it down to just a few planets but chose the wrong two to assault with just a couple of turns remaining.  An all out assault with remaining nearby troops plus Death Star on the Rebel base could possibly have worked in the ensuing turns.  However it was not guaranteed and it was very late and so the Rebels certainly deserved the Victory they were awarded.

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Another excellent page in this story. Recommended.

Olde England Grown New


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First Scenario

Phil played as the overlord and Mike, Alex and DARRYL played as the Heroes.  The first scenario was the Ambush of Belit’s ship by Zaparovo and the Stygian wizard.  The heroes soon cleared the deck of the first wave through a combination of Conan’s sword and the Thief’s Crossbow quickly acquired from the first chest.  However Belit’s guards fell foul of the Archers.  Soon just one guard remained!

The pirates brought on a few reinforcements and spurred on by Zaparovo they leapt aboard.  Again Conan intervened and cut them down but was wounded in the process.  Meanwhile the Thief used his Crossbow on the Wizard nearly killing him!  So he summoned the Outer Dark Demon who pounced on Belit and her guard.  Belit used an orb of power to wound the fiend, but he pounced again.  This time Belit ran it through.  Finally Zaparovo attacked the wounded Belit and would have finished her off had not her last loyal bodyguard intervened and blocked the blow.  Zaparovo was then killed by a nasty Crossbow Bolt in the back and the Heroes were victorious.

Second Scenario

Next the heroes entered the dark foreboding jungle ruin in pursuit of the wizard.  The first time they lost quickly and felt the scenario was impossible.  On the second attempt Belit distracted the Demon whilst the Thief flushed the Wizard out of his Tower and into Conan’s cunning trap.  Before he realised Conan climbed the rubble onto the ramparts and despatched the Stygian outright!

Third Game

Next a quick round of the Lord of the Rings dice game showed Alex winning in ultra-quick time whilst Phil and the rest floundered way behind.


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Bruce hosted Blackbeard against Phil, Mike, Alex and Darryl.  Mike’s Francois L’Ollonais took an early big lead retiring successfully from his exploits off the coast of India.  Then the rest of the players stymied each other’s futile attempts to close the gap.  Bruce caught lots of cheap wet fish in the cold waters off America and Phil sat the game out in Port in the Caribbean hiding from the storms.

Well done Mike

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