Wooden Oaths   1 comment

Saga Rules- Northern Fury


Coin of King Offa

Treachery and betrayal in Northern Dark Age Britain.

The Northumbrian Saxons, British, Scots and Viking Raiders (mercenaries) meet in a fight to the death.  Initially in two teams of two the warbands clash.  However old feuds, emnities and promises of gold will soon sway loyalties and before the battle is over betrayal is certain.  The Victor will be the Warlord who has the strongest warband remaining on the side which has dealt the most damage.

Victory Points=Coins for killing an enemy model; 10 for a Warlord, 3 Hearthguard, 2 Warrior, 1 Levy.

Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Jarl 2
4 Jomsviking 1
6 Jomsviking 1
6 Jomsviking 1
8 Dreng 1
8 Dreng 1
Total   7
Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Earl 2
6 Thegns 1
6 Thegns 1
8 Ceorls 1
8 Ceorls 1
6 Geburs 0
6 Geburs 0
Total   6
Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Dux 2
6 Nobles 1
6 Nobles 1
8 Warriors 1
8 Warriors 1
6 Levies 0
6 Levies 0
Total   6
Unit Size Class Saga Dice
1 Mormaer 2
6 Thanes 1
6 Thanes 1
8 Soerchele 1
8 Soerchele 1
6 Doerchele 0
6 Doerchele 0
Total   6

The Outcome

Mike played Jomsvikings, Andy Anglo-Saxons, Phil Scots and Darryll Bretons.  The Jomsvikings and Scots started as the red team, the Bretons and Saxons as Black.

Phil’s Scots advanced towards the Bretons with Spears to the front, resisting the hail of Javvelins.  Mike’s Jomsvikings rested on the table edge waiting to get their blood up (Wrath).   The Anglo-Saxons lamented their lack of larger formations opposite the Jomsvikings.

The Breton’s Warlord got confused by the Warrior’s pride rule (which admittedly is confusing for a skirmishing force) and in disgust sent his Bodyguards away in an act of pennance and self sacrifice.  The Scots duly obliged and slew the hapless Dux in front of his warriors.

The Jomsvikings were somehow ambushed in the woods by the Saxon levies.  With their axes stuck in the trees and the bodies of the levies two of the four hearthguard fell in the confusion.  They were then counterattacked by the Saxons and the Jomsviking Warlord slain in personal combat by the Saxon Earl.

The Scots pushed on and the Jomsviking warriors were stirred into action.  The Saxons resisted well (Mike’s warriors exclaiming when they tried to ambush two isolated Thegns:  “Sixes to Hit?!; My dice don’t even add up to six!”) and the Bretons were utterly destroyed.   Despite this Loyalties remained the same somehow throughout the Battle.  At the end of the final turn Red had 107 VP, Black 67.  The Scots claimed victory having the strongest warband on the winning side.   Next time the Breton chief will lead from a position of safety and it will likely not be so easy for the Scots.  The Warlord’s pride rule is certainly an Achile’s Heal for a Mounted Warlord.

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