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Wednesday 15th November   Leave a comment

A couple of games of Citadels.  Was fun.  Lost both times and was robbed and assassinated and pillaged a lot.


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Friday 10 November, To the Strongest   Leave a comment

We played the big battle of Edessa as mentioned in the earlier blog post below. Here is how it went.  Click on the gallery to read the captions and the battle report.



So in the end things turned round for the Romans after Valerians’s capture and the loss of the centre general.  Darryl’s cautious preservation of the Praetorian Legion and its commander Successianus plus the heroic left flank Roman cavalry managed to turn things round and seize an unlikely but close victory.

Perhaps Succesianus was able to sack Edessa and negotiate the release of Valerian? Or maybe simply being able to retreat back into Roman territory was enough now for the Romans,  leaving their hapless Emperor in the Persian clutches for ever more?

Was certainly a fun battle.  The new rout rules prevented the Roman guard cavalry from becoming demoralised and the new no rally in zone of control had an effect too.  It stops the romans using detached generals to continuously rally in the face of the enemy but it also meant that disordered forces fought on for ages  with very little effect on each other.


A good game and thanks to Mike and Alex with their Persians and to Darryl for stabilising the Romans for Phil when all seemed lost.


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Friday and Saturday 10 and 11 November, Gloomhaven   Leave a comment

Played our first two games of Gloomhaven. Went well so have now painted the six starting character figures.  So far Phil has played as the Spellweaver, Mike the Cragheart, Alex the Tinkerer and Darryl the Mindthief.

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The King’s Life (4)   Leave a comment

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Iron Hills War Chariot   Leave a comment

2017-11-08 15.50.102017-11-08 15.51.08

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Thranduil King of Mirkwood on Elk   Leave a comment

I have tried some snow on Thranduil’s Base…



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The King’s Life (3)   Leave a comment

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