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Saturday 18th February: Conan   Leave a comment

First Scenario

Phil played as the overlord and Mike, Alex and DARRYL played as the Heroes.  The first scenario was the Ambush of Belit’s ship by Zaparovo and the Stygian wizard.  The heroes soon cleared the deck of the first wave through a combination of Conan’s sword and the Thief’s Crossbow quickly acquired from the first chest.  However Belit’s guards fell foul of the Archers.  Soon just one guard remained!

The pirates brought on a few reinforcements and spurred on by Zaparovo they leapt aboard.  Again Conan intervened and cut them down but was wounded in the process.  Meanwhile the Thief used his Crossbow on the Wizard nearly killing him!  So he summoned the Outer Dark Demon who pounced on Belit and her guard.  Belit used an orb of power to wound the fiend, but he pounced again.  This time Belit ran it through.  Finally Zaparovo attacked the wounded Belit and would have finished her off had not her last loyal bodyguard intervened and blocked the blow.  Zaparovo was then killed by a nasty Crossbow Bolt in the back and the Heroes were victorious.

Second Scenario

Next the heroes entered the dark foreboding jungle ruin in pursuit of the wizard.  The first time they lost quickly and felt the scenario was impossible.  On the second attempt Belit distracted the Demon whilst the Thief flushed the Wizard out of his Tower and into Conan’s cunning trap.  Before he realised Conan climbed the rubble onto the ramparts and despatched the Stygian outright!

Third Game

Next a quick round of the Lord of the Rings dice game showed Alex winning in ultra-quick time whilst Phil and the rest floundered way behind.



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Saturday 11th February: Blackbeard   Leave a comment

Bruce hosted Blackbeard against Phil, Mike, Alex and Darryl.  Mike’s Francois L’Ollonais took an early big lead retiring successfully from his exploits off the coast of India.  Then the rest of the players stymied each other’s futile attempts to close the gap.  Bruce caught lots of cheap wet fish in the cold waters off America and Phil sat the game out in Port in the Caribbean hiding from the storms.

Well done Mike

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Saturday 4th of February: Star Wars Rebellion.   Leave a comment

Darryl and Alex played the Rebels against Phil and Mike.  Interesting game.  The Rebels were quite successful in creating anarchy and disrupting the supply lines of the Empire.  A notable success being the Rebellion and overthrow in the only Imperial Star Destroyer building system which hampered them for most of the game.  Then when they did build any they were destroyed by missions whilst on the build crew!   Princess Leia proved a great thorn in the side with C3PO aiding her Diplomacy missions especially, but she also did well with insurrections and other mayhem.

Notice how for a long time all the Character Action and subsequent military action revolved around one system.

The Imperials for their part concentrated initially on missions to capture Rebels or build projects.  Thus they held prisoner one general almost all game despite many rescue attempts and they built two Super Star Destroyers in time for the final showdown.  So the Imperials were relatively militaristically weak compared to our other games in terms of Stormtroopers and systems held.  However they did have a fairly strong fleet of super star destroyers on the way to allow them to strike back later.

Using the information from the Prisoner the Imperials were able to destroy the Rebels Secret Death Star Plans and they were reasonably quickly able to identify the Rebel Base using a Long Range Probe.  This forced the Rebels to relocate of course and by then the Imperials had a reasonable idea of where that would be.  So they began moving the death star and the super star destroyers to the new base straight away.  The Imperials then caught the Rebel Fleet in a Trap using a single troop transport as a decoy and then trapping them with the No retreat action card.

With time running out for the evening the final assault could not happen but with no fleet to stop the Imperials and the Death Star on its way armed with a superlaser ready as well it looked very bad for the Rebels indeed.  So a Victory was awarded to the Imperials.  This was mainly due to the successful interrogation of the prisoner and the long range probe plus the invincible Super Star Destroyers arriving to smash the very powerful Rebel Fleet.

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Saturday 7th January; Cosmic Encounter, Deception and Deluxe Love Letter.   Leave a comment

Mike, Alex, Phil, Darryl and Bruce played some of Mike’s games.

First up was Cosmic Encounter.  Mike’s yellow Pacifists worked their way to Galactic Domination.  They managed to be victorious in every encounter it seemed.  Darryl took an early lead and everyone tried to stop him.  Phil foolishly invited Mike to help him against Darryl who was close to victory.  This then allowed Mike to make an unstoppable attack against Alex and claim victory.

Next we played a few rounds of Deception which was fun and then Love Letter.  Darryl proved victorious rapidly reaching 4 tokens whilst everyone but Mike had one and Mike had none despite being chosen as the one most likely to win a round twice!

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Saturday 19th :Star Wars imperial assault   Leave a comment

Darryl’s evil overlord beat up Phil, Mike and Alex ‘s attempt to find a peacemaker pistol.  Even Luke sky walker was no match for his machinations .


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Saturday 15th October: a couple of Conan’s   Leave a comment

We played two games linked with a famous Conan.

The first was Conan from Monolith Games the new strategy battle game.  Phil played as overlord whilst Mike was Conan, Darryl the wizard, Alex the Thief and Bruce took Belittle who unfortunately had left her crew behind.  The heroes needed to rescue the princess and slay the evil shaman.

The players advanced rapidly into the pict camp with the wizard scouting out the western huts using his teleport skills.   The thief entered the eastern hut and slew two hyenas and opened the chest.  A good start.  Conan cleared a path to the shamans hut supported by belit.

Conan then killed the shaman whilst belit held a look out outside the hut.  The thief stole in and grabbed the shamans head.  The wizard teleported into the giant snakes hut and discovered the drugged princess asleep therein.  The snake bursts out of the hut enraged by the death of its master and encountered belit.  It was thus blocking conan and the thiefs escape.  However the thief grabbed the head and raced off table in one speedy move using his evasiveness.  Now the players only needed to rescue the princess.

However there remained the small matter of the giant blocking snake and hordes of enraged Picts coming from all angles.  The snake had sunk its deadly teath in to poor belit and was squeezing the life out of her turn by turn with its huge coils.  Even as Conan arrived it was too late for belit who was also being attacked by Picts.  The wizard proved unable to harm the beast and belit could only scratch it.  Conan nearly killed it but it was not enough and belit was defeated.  However her attack from beyond skill finally killed the beast opening up the way for Conan to reach the princess and escape off board.

Victory for the players.  Well done.

Thoughts.  A good introductory scenario for new players and certainly was a fun game.  The encumbrance for the princess makes sense for balance but thematically Conan should be able to carry her with his armour and a weapon, he had to cast aside his leather armour to do so. Still it made sense that the wizard would be reluctant as when carrying her he could not cast his spells so waited for Conan to arrive.

Belit without a shield and her guardsmen is not really that much fun to play especially for an introductory game.  If I was to do it again I would give her at least one guard or the option to switch with another character.  There is a discussion about point values on the board game geek site.  I think Valeria might be a good swap especially as belit gets to play in the next scenario.  Probably belit would be more fun with items from the chests but got blocked by the snake and then the thief ran off with the shamans head leaving his friends to their fates!

Next Mike cleverly suggested another Conan game.  Sherlock Holmes the card game based on the books by sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Bruce won that when he found mikes collection of villains hiding out in moriartys country mansion.

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Thursday 13th October: Conan (Monolith)   Leave a comment


Played my first 2 Solo play-throughs of Conan by Monolith Games which arrived in the post this week.  The monster figures, cards and maps look great.  The mechanics are good and very clever but I did struggle with some of the rules that were not explained very well.  It also seemed the Overlord can use lots of gems thus extra dice on Guard for the Blocking Snake and thus effectively trap the Heroes indefinitely which is quite tricky when there is a time limit and they need to exit the playing area.  Still it was a lot more fun second time round when I worked out how to search for the Princess using Teleport.  There is a French FAQ and some advice on BGG so I think I have it now.

My first rules questions:

1 Does the scenario start on turn zero then so that on the Overlord turn he moves the tracker to state that turn 1 begins?   Makes sense but odd.  The heroes arrive quite exhausted so maybe they rest up on their turn zero?  Or should it start on turn 1 with the Overlord effectively having passed and just restored fatigue to the level shown.  Maybe start on turn zero as explained in setup.

2 Teleport could be better explained.  It is in fact able to go adjacent which means through walls, yes.  Is it a move?  No.  But it can be added to movement.  Can it be done during a Cautious phase.  No.

3 Should the Overlord set a Guard limit to make it more fun for the players?  Probably not but 4 orange dice make even Conan’s mighty strikes feeble.  Tried limiting it but then the Monsters just die.  The overlord can easily get 4 gems back but poor Conan will miss his next go to do so and can’t move out being blocked.  I suppose it is up to his crew to distract the overlord too whilst he is doing this.

4 Wall wrecker is only wooden walls and wooden doors.

5 The flaps are annoying as its hard to see where they are on the map.  They slow people and block line of sight which is fine I guess.

6 Where is the wound tracker?  I think it is the turn tracker as explained in setup.


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