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Saturday 2nd September: monolith Conan and Temple of Elemental Evil.   Leave a comment



An Evening of Dark Fortresses and Perilous Dungeons:

Mike, Phil, Alex, Darryl and Bruce.


First up was Conan.  The Cursed Shape Shifting Sorcerer Scenario for 5.  Phil as Overlord.  This was a tricky one for the Heroes but the time pressure is on the Overlord which is a nice twist.  7 turns to break the Curse by sacrificing 3 pirates on 3 altars.

Next up:  The Temple of Elemental Evil.  Everyone plays.  An odd scenario as it turned out.  Everyone took lots of hits at the beginning exhausting the Cleric’s Healing and themselves.   In the middle, no Monsters at all but Bruce got his Ranger killed by failing to disarm a Trap.  Then as the roof was about to fall in and knock out Phil and Mike plus Alex, Alex was able to deliver the killing blow on the Ettin for the heroes to win a partial Victory (one surge used).  Also odd was that we only drew gold coins as the treasure cards ended up clustered at the bottom of the treasure deck just out of reach.   Onwards as we get closer to the final showdown before the next expansion arrives hopefully!





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Painting update: Monolith Conan Mummies   Leave a comment

Painting notes.

Spray paint army painter leather brown. Then add in dark granite for skin areas and gold, bolt metal, bronze mix for decorations. Chain mail for sword blade. Graveyard earth for bringing out correcting any bandages over skin areas. Strong brown wash. Sand mix base. Graveyard earth base. Highlight bone white. Spray varnish Testors dullcote.

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Painting update: Troll Brute and Dain Ironfoot   Leave a comment

Painting notes.

Troll brute. Fairly straight forward to assemble. In stages. Use superglue. Build up then glue to base. Sand and slate to base. Mr white putty to fill in gaps. Repeat when dry. Spray rotting flesh but maybe bone white better. Bone white to skin. Rhinos hide the leather. Tin blitz the metal. Same for rider orc. Next wash brown, strong brown army painter. Then bone white again. Highlight white. Edge metal with boltgun metal. Paint details on chair and rider. Cloth red. Leather rhinox hide and dark wash army painter. Flesh dark flesh highlighting. Used gw spray varnish.

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Saturday 26th August: Time of Crisis   Leave a comment

We played again. Another great game. Mike took an early lead with a strong power base around Gallia Hispania. Phil and Alex were in Asia and Egypt with DARRYL in Macedonia. Hordes of Nomads and Sassanids poured out giving Phil and Alex a hard time. Then two pretenders in Egypt and Syria. The northern barbarians either massed or poured into Asia.

Phil took out the two pretenders giving Mike a slight chance to become emperor but he failed the roll on three dice. Then Phil took his chance and succeeded. Unfortunately the Nomads reappeared to distract his forces just at that moment and Mike marched into Africa. Fortunately Phil held him off and survived the Nomads and Persians just. Meanwhile Alex lost all control in Galatia Asia but eventually defeated the Persians and Goths so was keeping pace with VP but lacked strong cards.

Darryl marched on Rome and occupied the capital. This drained the emperors support but he lasted longer than Phil could have imagined thus garnering strong VP. Mike decided to give up on the whole invasion and the empire and marched home to form his own break away nation. Darryl deposed Phil only to find Mike as a Pretender and this meant he gained less from the post but as he said at least he was emperor. Phil finally was able to bring the strong cards into play from his time as emperor and gained the last few VP required to end the game at 60 and claim victory.

Another fun game.

Was great to see the emperor unopposed to see the value and to get a pretender on the map.

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Chase (2)   Leave a comment

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Saturday 19th August : Time of Crisis   Leave a comment

Another fantastic success for Mike in bringing this great new game to the table. Phil, Alex and Darryl played against him. Phil got off to a good start and managed to break away into a convincing lead.

However he became infuriated when Mike crowned himself emperor in Italian and abandoned his hard fought for province of Africa to take his place. He successfully deposed him on the second attempt after rolling too many ones on the first. See picture below when scored only three hits of four required. He then fell foul of mobs, barbarians and Darryl who all attacked him and lost support of the senate and his provinces. Mike had created a nice power base around Egypt and also had a very strong brittania province which he successfully held from Alex. Darryl scored huge amounts of GPs from his military prowess defending Pannonia and Macedonia. Alex held on to a fairly quiet and civilised Gaul and Spain but failed to oust Mike from Britain.

Phil was about to make a come back and was still holding on to a good lead when time stopped play. A victory of sorts but it was really only a learning game. Verdict was that this was a fantastic game that certainly deserves to make it back to the table.

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