Painting Update: Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame: Khitai expansion.   Leave a comment

Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame:  Khitai expansion.

Painted these up using a fairly quick system.  Spray paint a base colour such as brown or grey or black.  Block in the colours then use a dark brown or dark black wash.  Highlight only if necessary.  For the heroes used a flesh wash and highlighted the colours after the wash.  For the bases used sand mix, then dark brown then highlighted with graveyard earth.  No grass or foliage as so many scenarios are inside and wanted to keep the board game feel plus the sword and sandals theme.

Here they are:

2017-07-30 20.01.402017-07-30 20.01.072017-07-30 20.00.512017-07-30 20.00.282017-07-30 20.00.172017-07-30 19.59.272017-07-30 19.59.022017-07-30 19.58.242017-07-30 19.58.162017-07-30 19.57.582017-07-30 19.57.542017-07-30 19.57.072017-07-30 19.56.412017-07-30 19.56.252017-07-30 19.56.142017-07-30 19.55.372017-07-30 19.55.17


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