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Mike and Alex joined Phil and Darryl to continue the cooperative campaign using the FFG app. This has been going really well and we will be on our fifth scenario next time.

In our last scenario Darryl’s Medic Robot got defeated again but the team won through.


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Played 2 really good games of Star Wars Imperial Assault:  Legends of the Alliance yesterday.  That’s the app driven fully co-operative version.  We took 4 heroes in case two others want to join in another time.  Highly enjoyable and a great way to play an existing game in a different manner.  First scenario we held off the Imperials against all the odds.  Our Medic Android got defeated but we survived.  Next we rescued some hostages.

We also did CCN Coruna which was loads of fun too.  My French overcome with British with British Guard Grenadiers where the stars of the show.  I managed to secure the right flank to win and my Heavy Cavalry just watched from afar on the far left hemmed in by the British Artillery.

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Since my last post what have we played?  We went to Michaels to play an old favourite not tried in a long time.  Descent version one.  Was fun but we only really made it to the first giant brother .  However we were well armed so probably would have finished okay with a bit of luck.

Then we played Mike’s new History of the World in Five epochs.  Phil led from the first which is never good so paid for it in the last round.  Michael however held back and got a 68 point huge score with France following Spain immediately to win by a mile.

This week Mike, Alex, Phil and Darryl reprised their roles for another Gloomhaven adventure.  This time they were off to the Lair of the Necromancer and a level 2 adventure.  First room went too easily but good cards were squandered then the second room was a bust as the open door and then I will stun or muddle the monsters for you plan failed miserably when the night demons used the handy dark magic we created to turn invisible.  Thus the door was blocked by the tinkerer of Alex  who suffered two rounds of attacks before we could help.  Nasty.

This meant giving up on the chest and going all out for the Boss.  It looked bad at first as they crowded the door and the Boss just kept creating more elite undead but then Mike jumped into the room creating an opening and we were able to get some big hits from Darryl’s Mind thief onto the Boss plus some poison.  Then it was just a matter of time and our heroes won through.

Next we go under the city to visit the sewers.






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Bruce’s Scoundrel jointed Phil’s Spellweaver, Alex’s Tinkerer and Mike’s Cragheart.

They headed towards the Shrine of Strength.  On the way they met a man who needed some leaves.  Enough said about that.

Bravely they entered Shrine. This was set up a normal level for the group which was one so a reasonable challenge.    Blasting their way through the first and second room with Bruce leading the way supported by Phil’s healing it was soon time for Alex to open the doors to the north and south corridors.  Alex leapt bravely into the fray and was soon pulled into close quarters by the stone golem and pounded into exhaustion by two harrowers.  By the time Mike arrived there was no way to save him.  Phil and Bruce fared better in the other corridor but Phil had to use his cards to heal and blast the foes and found that he was too exhausted after reaching the pressure plate to be of further use.  Still that gave Mike time to finish off the enemies in his corridor and reach the final plate thus opening the final doors.  Then it was a matter of bruce distracting the last two golems whilst Mike opened the final chest and completed the dungeon.

This was helpful as our heroes were all able to level up.  A beneficial city event saw them purchase a curious gear from a vermlimg sewer merchant.  Mike purchased a fine ring of skulls which shall come in very useful at the next opportunity.  The heroes identified some curious runes in the shrine and using the key provided were able to decipher a cryptic message which might come in useful at some point but possibly not.

The next scenario will see our heroes pursue Jekserah to the necromancers lair!

Phil has swapped his cards around and is aiming to actually make it to the end this time.  Too many lost cards in his hand and both crackling air and aid from ether did not really work out at all.   However the summons definitely had a great game this time boosted no doubt by the stronger cards taken as perks over time.



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Mike and Alex played as Waller and his Roundheads besieging Basing House in our made up scenario in the post below. Phil played as Prince Maurice and the Royalists attempting to relieve the defenders.



Prince Rupert’s Bluecoats prepare for battle.  The King’s Lifeguard of Foot to their right.  Aspley’s in Reserve.


Waller’s Horse on the Parliamentarian left flank


Earl of Northampton’s horse and dragoons.


The London Trained Band Regiment’s of Foot


Jehovah Provideth, a veteran unit of Tower Hamlet’s Trained Band


Prince Maurice’s Horse, all Well Mounted on the Finest steeds as befits Proud Gentlemen Cavaliers.

2018-04-14 21.26.35

2018-04-14 21.26.26

Maurice’s Horse having driven Waller’s from the field in a single charge pursue towards the table edge.  One Troop attempts to drive off the Tower Hamlet’s Trained Band but finds them too hard a nut to crack even before they form Hedgehog.

2018-04-14 20.45.36

Waller’s Horse on the left flank beside the Basing House dovecote (exact replica).

2018-04-14 20.43.57

Prince Maurice drives the Foot mercilessly towards the artillery despite falling into disorder.

2018-04-14 20.43.48

Northampton’s Horse prepare to charge the opposition.  Will they have as much success as Maurice’s Troopers?

2018-04-14 20.43.43

View from the Parliamentarian right flank and the Trained Bands holding back the Horse.

2018-04-14 20.43.33

Maurice’s Horse sweep past the Trained Band but little did they count on Captain Oakey’s Mounted Dragoons!

2018-04-14 21.43.03

Waller’s Horse pursue Northampton’s Horse past the Dragoons but one Troop and the wounded commander remain in the fight. They retire, rally and charge in a single bound to hold back the Parliamentarian left flank slightly.

Captain Oakey’s Dragoon’s manage to hold back a Troop Of Maurice’s Horse for the entire game.  Maurice’s Horse and Brigade commander pursue off table but return and charge into the rear of the Trained Band.  Despite double disorder and attacks from front, rank and rear they shrug this off and form hedgehog becoming nigh indestructible.

In the centre Maurice drives his disordered foot to take the guns but they are then routed by Haselrig’s Horse who have turned to face and charge.  Despite facing multiple turns of double firing from two Companies of the king’s Lifeguard of Foote they never have to test to save once before charging and putting the foot to flight before.  They turn to face Aspley’s held in reserve.  The Parliamentarian Foot and Horse gradually apply the pressure but everywhere the Roundheads refuse to give up despite losing Essex’s commanded shot and the Greycoats.

Finally as night falls the medals are counted.  A narrow victory for the Royalists mainly due to the amazing success on their left flank with Maurice’s Horse and their opening charge.  Though they were able to lift the siege and saving Basing House for now they were unable to seize the Siege Artillery and the Roundheads retire in good order back to their base to plot their next move.  Waller will be back!

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Bruce set up Legion of Honour.  We started as Major’s at the beginning of Napoleon’s wars in earnest.  Phil’s Major literally fell from his horse and then was decimated along with his unit in the first battle.  Mike’s Major proved to be adept at smuggling and sword-fencing and was soon amassing both money and Glory.  He had a talent for sending Darryl on secret missions earning the name Le Weasel.  He almost died in one battle but was rescued by Phil at the last minute.

Bruce lost his money to partisans but otherwise went from strength to strength.  This was despite being wounded by Mike in a duel.   Alex proved adept at catching the pox and the ladies notice and was soon married and also amassed great wealth which he tried to hide from his new wife.  He lost a duel to a Burgher though!  Both Phil and Alex married at the Warsaw Christmas Camp.

By game end everyone except Phil had reached one rank higher to at least Colonel I believe and Alex had an important Office and was promoted to a junior General level.  However three of our heroes have been sent to Spain and fear for the future unless they can transfer to less deadly theatres of war.

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Preparing the battlefield, army lists and learning the rules for the new to the strongest rules for English civil war. Looking quite good at 28mm in 15cm boxes on a six by four table I think.

Order of Battle- First Relief of the Basing House Siege: 1643

For King and Parliament ECW

Infantry Units are about 120mm wide (2 elements of 6cm).    Will be 4 ranks deep.  60 to 80mm.  Pike to rear.  Shot to Front.

Cavalry units are about 120mm wide (2 elements of 60mm) (6 figures on 20-25mm bases).  To be one rank deep for Swedish (40/ 50mm) or 2 ranks deep for Dutch (100mm)?

To be played in single squares 150mm each.



The Army of His Royal Highness Prince Maurice, Count Palatine of the Rhine

115 Points Cost


50 points

6 units of “Swedish Horse”.   36 figures in total always deployed in one rank.  2 hits, one ammo, 2 VP each=6 VP.  6×6=36 points.  2 Veteran=2×2=4. 3 Well Mounted.  4×1=4.

Earl of Northampton’s Horse:  1st, 2nd Troops of Horse. 1st and 2nd Co. Veteran (Green Flags).

Colonel Compton’s Troop of Horse.  Seasoned (Red flag).

Prince Maurice’s Horse:  1st, 2nd and 3rd and 4th Troops of Horse.  All 4 Well Mounted.


58 points

Regiments of Foot 2 shot to one pike.  About 12cm wide.

1st Company. Prince Rupert’s Blue Coats Regiment.  Seasoned 3 hits, 3 ammo, 3 VP. 9 points.

2nd Company. Prince Rupert’s Blue Coats Regiment.  Seasoned 3 hits, 3 ammo, 3 VP. 9 points.

Earl of Northampton’s Green Coats Regiment.  Pike Heavy.  Seasoned. 7+.  3 hits, 1 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

1st Co. King’s Lifeguard Red Coats Regiment.  Seasoned.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

2nd Co. King’s Lifeguard Red Coats Regiment.  Seasoned.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

Sir Allen Aspley’s Red Coats, White and Black Flag Regiment. Seasoned.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

Dragoon’s (Earl of Northampton’s).  Two rank.  With mounted figures (to show horse holders) .  Seasoned 7+. 2 hits, 2 ammo, 2VP. 4 points.


Officers and Gentlemen

Three Brigades (32 hits)

Two Colonels, 1 VP each = 2 VP.  2×4=8 points.

One Gallant Commanding General. 4 VP. 6 points.

Two Gallant Gentlemen Cavaliers.  2 points.

Victory Points.

one victory points plus one per brigade in the army for a commanding general
one victory points plus one per brigade under his command for each general.
one victory point for each colonel.
one victory point for each of a unit’s hits.

Total VM= 40×0.4= 16 Victory Medals:




The Army of Sir William Waller, Major General



57 points. 18 hits.

5 units of “Dutch Horse”.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP.  5×9=45

Waller’s Horse:  1st, 2nd and 3rd Troops.

Brereton’s Horse:  1st, 2nd and 3rd Troops.

6 elements of 3 Horse each unit.  2 ranks deep.  12 per unit.  72 figures

Sir Arthur Haselrig’s Lobsters.   2 ranks Deep.  3 hits, 10 figures.  3 VP. 12 points.


40 points.  13 hits.

Regiments of Foot 2 shot to one pike.  About 12cm wide.

London Tower Hamlets Trained Band.  Veteran Unit.  3 hits, 4 ammo, 3 VP. 12 points.

Colonel Edward Alrdich’s Grey Coats Regiment.  Seasoned.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

London Trained Band (Black and Red Banner, Red Coats) Regiment of Foot.  Seasoned.  3 hits, 3 ammo, 3VP. 9 points.

Commanded Shot in Tawny Coats, Earl of Essex.  Two rank.  2 hits, 3 ammo, 2VP. Seasoned.  6 points.

Colonel Oakey’s Dragoons (Buff Coats, Flintlocks).  Seasoned.  Horse Holders.  Two rank. 2  hit, 2 ammo, 2 VP. 4 points.

Parliament Artillery Train:

10 points, 2 hit

Field Artillery:  6 ammo.  4 points.  1 hit.

Siege Artillery, seasoned.  6 points. 1 hit.


Officers and Gentlemen

Three Brigades

Two Colonels, 8 points.  Two Brigades.  1VP each=2VP.

One Commanding General. 5 points.  One Brigade.  4VP.

1 Gallant Gentleman.  1 points.

Victory Points.
one victory points plus one per brigade in the army for a commanding general
one victory points plus one per brigade under his command for each general.
one victory point for each colonel.
one victory point for each of a unit’s hits.

Total 39×0.4=16  Victory Medals:


The Scenario: 1643, Basing House

Siege Relief.  The small fortified Manor has been besieged by Waller and the Roundheads.  With the arrival of the Parliamentarian Artillery Train and the heavy siege artillery all seems lost.  However force marching with hate to the South comes Prince Maurice and the Earl of Northampton hoping to relieve the Siege and if possible seize the artillery for the Crown.

For his part Waller hopes to defy the Royalists.  With the London Trained Bands and Haselrig’s famous Lobsters plus his own trusty horse he has deployed for battle aiming to claim a famous victory before the gates of Basing House.  Such a defeat would surely persuade the garrison to surrender as he has been negotiating in secret with the Lord of the command for some weeks now and all seems to be going to plan.  For their part Maurice and the Earl of Northampton have brought their own strong and eager cavalry force expecting to drive the roundheads from the field with ease.  Somewhat taken aback by the size and strength of the cavalry opposing them it appears they will also need to rely on their loyal infantry too.  Fortunate indeed therefore that they have Prince Rupert’s own regiment of foot with them well attired in coats of blue and armed with the latest muskets in number.  No less fierce but lacking slightly in muskets the doughty Earl of Northampton’s foot and Dragoons stand ready to give battle.


Terrain.  Fields and Hedges to either side, Orchards and Dove cote to be placed.  Mix of difficult and rough terrain.  Hills to be placed.

The Royalist Fortified Camp is merely an obstacle for this scenario.  Troops cannot attack it and nor can the defenders influence the battle in any way.  If necessary for deployment Royalists can deploy 1 unit in the box and will automatically move out one box when there is space no card required.  Parliamentarian Camp is as per rules.


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