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Saturday 30th September: Temple of Elemental Evil and Castle Panic   Leave a comment

Phil, Mike, Darryl and Alex.

Temple of Elemental Evil

Whilst Bruce’s Ranger was off scouting ahead the party visited Red Larch just in time to be hit by a Dragon Attack.  They deftly saw the Dragon off but had to use the Rogue’s Refresh, haste potion and healing ember to do so!  Justly rewarded they headed into the dungeon to tackle the penultimate quest.  This time they tracked the Water Elemental down to its lair.  A few comic moments when Mike’s warrior complained about being left alone to pin the Elemental in place, getting his army rusty but the heroes were again victorious and Mike was awarded the Trident Drown for his heroics.  Next will be the final quest, taking the fight to the Dragonin his Lair so will need Bruce and his Ranger for that one. This time the Wizard, Fighter and Cleric will possibly have Refresh available to use and Bruce has enough money to buy one or another Boon should he so wish.

Castle Panic

We played two games of fully co-operative Castle Panic.  Each time we survived with just one tower left.

So that was 4 co-operative games we did not lose in a row!  Amazing!



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Wednesday 25th September: Colt Express   Leave a comment

Two great games of Colt Express with J, D, M and P.  J won both times!

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Sunday 24 September Pathfinder Adventures Card Game   Leave a comment

Finally finished my rune-lords story arc on my second play through this time playing with the monk, sorcerer, warrior and Druid. Was better planned this time round!

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Saturday 23 September Pandemic Legacy again.   Leave a comment

Phil, Mike, Alex, DARRYL and Bruce gathered to try again. February Two turned out well enough with a nice win bonus ready for March. However the introduction of the shiny new operations role with the ability to do something new really meant the players had to hose him and drop one of the old faithful roles instead. After two tries with this guy, the medic, scientist and other new person our heroes racked up two losses :(. To be fair they were one action away from victory on DARRYL’s turn but too many blue cubes arising out of epidemics in Europe before his next turn meant it was all over. Close but not a victory. What surprises await in April.

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Saturday 9 September: doctor who and mashup   Leave a comment

Lots of fun playing Darryl s doctor who game which Phil somehow managed to win pipping Mike to the post on the last card played! Then Mike introduced us to mashup which Darryl’s undead team won . Phil s dinosaur and ninja combo really did not work which is kind of obvious when you think about it . Alex played robots which were really cool and Mike had fun as the gnome team .

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