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Another fantastic success for Mike in bringing this great new game to the table. Phil, Alex and Darryl played against him. Phil got off to a good start and managed to break away into a convincing lead.

However he became infuriated when Mike crowned himself emperor in Italian and abandoned his hard fought for province of Africa to take his place. He successfully deposed him on the second attempt after rolling too many ones on the first. See picture below when scored only three hits of four required. He then fell foul of mobs, barbarians and Darryl who all attacked him and lost support of the senate and his provinces. Mike had created a nice power base around Egypt and also had a very strong brittania province which he successfully held from Alex. Darryl scored huge amounts of GPs from his military prowess defending Pannonia and Macedonia. Alex held on to a fairly quiet and civilised Gaul and Spain but failed to oust Mike from Britain.

Phil was about to make a come back and was still holding on to a good lead when time stopped play. A victory of sorts but it was really only a learning game. Verdict was that this was a fantastic game that certainly deserves to make it back to the table.

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Painting update: Conan monolith skeletons   Leave a comment

Some Bronze Age skeletons rise again to do battle.

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Saturday 12th August; 7 Wonders and Sherlock Holmes the card game.   Leave a comment

Mike, Alex, Darryl, Bruce and Phil.

First a game of standard 7 wonders. Bruce came first, then Mike, Alex, Phil and DARRYL. Phil got trounced in the military field and though he tried to gather some science they never came his way. Bruce had a very nice all round strategy so was victorious on his first game.

Next cities were added. This time Phil decided he was fed up getting trounced militarily. However everyone else gave up the arms race and hid behind diplomacy thus limiting his vp slightly in the. Last round, just enough to hold him back. Alex went all out on science and gave a masterclass on how it should be done. The victor was therefore Alex thanks to 55 points from science, followed by Phil with an all round but no science strategy, then Mike, Bruce and Darryl. Well done Alex for showing everyone how science can work for a victory.

Finally we played two rounds of Sherlock Holmes the card game in which Phil was victorious ending with a minus score whilst some players were closer to 100.

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Saturday 5th August: Conan; Khitai   Leave a comment

First scenario


DARRYL , Mike and Alex took on Phil as evil overlord. Mike and Alex as Conan and shevratas the thief climbed onto the first floor whilst DARRYL as the Khitai mercenary provided a distraction at the entrance. Conan and thief soon made it to the warlock documents and cleared the second floor.

The foo dogs attacked causing some nasty wounds on the thief. The mercenary made his way up the stairs whilst Conan raced up the exterior wall and dived through the window. He was surrounded with foes and the guards stopped him taking out the evil hound. Then when the evil horde attacked even though he was able to resist the wizard who rolled no hits he fell foul of multiple blows being exhausted himself.

Soon with Conan down it fell to the mercenary to take out the evil hound whilst the thief snuck onto the roof to plant the false evidence. Then together they pursued the cowardly wizard into his chambers having slain every single minion. They survived the wizards attack. With the mercenary taking out the last guard the thief was ready with a powerful backstab and the sorcerer was doomed.

Victory to the players three victory points to one.


We also played 7 wonders which was a fantastic game. Phil managed to just pip Mike at the post to victory thanks to his highly developed civilisation centred around his forum.

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Painting Update: Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame: Khitai expansion.   Leave a comment

Conan Miniatures from the Monolith Boardgame:  Khitai expansion.

Painted these up using a fairly quick system.  Spray paint a base colour such as brown or grey or black.  Block in the colours then use a dark brown or dark black wash.  Highlight only if necessary.  For the heroes used a flesh wash and highlighted the colours after the wash.  For the bases used sand mix, then dark brown then highlighted with graveyard earth.  No grass or foliage as so many scenarios are inside and wanted to keep the board game feel plus the sword and sandals theme.

Here they are:

2017-07-30 20.01.402017-07-30 20.01.072017-07-30 20.00.512017-07-30 20.00.282017-07-30 20.00.172017-07-30 19.59.272017-07-30 19.59.022017-07-30 19.58.242017-07-30 19.58.162017-07-30 19.57.582017-07-30 19.57.542017-07-30 19.57.072017-07-30 19.56.412017-07-30 19.56.252017-07-30 19.56.142017-07-30 19.55.372017-07-30 19.55.17

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