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Saturday 6 May; Vikings gone wild and QMG 1914   Leave a comment

Forst off Mike introduced Phil Alex DARRYL and Bruce to his new game of Vikings gone wild.  It was a four player game so he sat out! Turned out it was quite a long one.  Eventually Phil just managed to hold onto a slender lead and pip DARRYL at the post with bruce close behind.  Certainly a good game with lots of tactical card play choices and resource management.

Next Phil and Mike played the central powers of Germany and Austria in two fascinating games of quartermaster general World War One.  The others definitely found it hard going against the German war machine.  Bruce was Uk, DARRYL Russia and Alex France.  In both games Strosstruppen proved very strong allowing heavy blows against France.  The second game was definitely closer but central powers just made it to the twelve vp lead required for victory before Germany finally ran out of all cards.  Obviously a longer game would have been different.  Mustard gas in this second game really hurt Russia who was pinned back all the way to Moscow.  U.K. Saved Picardy but could not save Paris from occupation via Burgundy.  Lots of fun and fascinating as ever.  Austria even had an Adriatic fleet which garnered a few VP.


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Some pictures from Salute 2017.  A friend help run the To the Strongest Game hence the picture of the Umpire and the Battle.  Was a good show.  Picked up a Longboat and a painting station.  A new Test of Honour Samurai game and random bits and pieces.



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A little progress with painting.  Iron Hill Dwarven Command done and the Gundabad Berserkers.

Started on more Iron Hill Dwarves and a Huge Gundabad Troll.

Note the new paint station picked up at Salute 2017.

Updated my painting backlog page too.


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Rebels Darryl and Alex took on Phil and Mike’s Imperials.  An early attack near Coruscant from a neutral planet really surprised the Imperials causing Chaos.  A surprise space attack from Ozell caught the rebel fleet and took it out recapturing the planet too but Ozell went all out and lost his Star Destroyer as a result.

The Imperials built up some strong fleets and soon had a rough idea where the Rebels weren’t on the western map but struggled to gain ground, hold planets against rebellions and win ground battles. Consequently they lacked ground troops.  Their dice rolls in combat consisted mainly of blanks (see image).

Imperials once again captured and then carbonited the Rebel Admiral (see image) until he was rescued by Jedi Luke much later (forgetting that they could have captured Luke with Vader’s Special as a result).  The Death Star stumbled on the rebel base at Kessel and then blew up Nal Hutta but lacked ground forces and was out of supply.

Finally the Imperials narrowed it down to just a few planets but chose the wrong two to assault with just a couple of turns remaining.  An all out assault with remaining nearby troops plus Death Star on the Rebel base could possibly have worked in the ensuing turns.  However it was not guaranteed and it was very late and so the Rebels certainly deserved the Victory they were awarded.

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